The Zit

These first three pages are from issue #4 of Lethargic Comics, Weakly. I used Dr. Fritz from the "It's Alive" cartoon. Lots of times, characters from different projects will pop up in something else that I'm working on. Igor also makes a few guest appearances in some of the later issues.

In this incredibly prolonged story, the character, Fart Face is the evil gang leader who is bent on destroying the mainstream comics industry by producing his own comic books with 'hypno-covers' that make everyone in the world think that they must have 100 copies of each issue. The public is drawn into an insatiable lust for only Fart Faces comics, thus creating the demise of the 'big guys'.

In this issue, Dr. Fritz is trying to present his plans for an Exo-skeleton villian. Iliked these pages because the topic sort of veers off in a weird direction.

The next few pages lower down were from a sideways issue that we did as a goofy gimmick. In it I was paying tribute to all the influencial artists from the 50's (Jack Kirby), 60's (Steve Ditko), 70's (Gil Kane), 80's (Frank Miller), and 90's (Todd McFarlane).

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