Lethargic Comics, Weakly

During my second year of teaching at Sheridan College in 1989, I met a group of students in my class who liked to draw comics. Greg Hyland, Luc LaTullipe, and Steve Remen. Greg in particular had produced a series of "small press" comics during his High School years.

"Small press" simply means, he had them photocopied onto 8 1/2" x 11" paper, folded them over and sold them to his friends. His comic was called, Lethargic Comics.

Greg showed me some of them and I thought they were really neat. I encouraged him to do some more. Later I told him I would contribute some comics to help fill it out to a larger book. Steve and Luc were already doing some pages as well.

We continued to do this through to their third year, publishing 50 issues, a calendar, treasury give-away and some other assorted gimmick stuff.

After they graduated, Greg and I formed a partnership company called Lethargic Comics and decided with the help of Steve and Luc to publish a full sized B&W comic book.

We had the book "Lethargic Comics, Weakly" (a parody of Action Comics, Weekly) distributed across North America for 12 issues then changed the title to just Lethargic Comics for another 14 issues.

Each of the covers is a parody cover of a mainstream comic.

Greg drew most of the covers, I did all the coloring and layout. I drew the back covers to #1 and 2, the front cover of #3 and 4.

In every issue we each had 8 pages to do our own stories. Greg had Lethargic Lad and Guy-With-A-Gun, I had The Zit. Luc did Walrus Boy and Steve did HIM.

Most of the stuff we did was a parody of the mainstream comics that were being published at that time.

Greg still continues to publish his own book, Lethargic Lad as well as doing some stuff on the internet.

The comic started off pretty well but then sales steadily declined and we were economically forced to stop publishing them. The conventions were always lots of fun, especially the annual Chicago Comic Con. One way or another, Greg would manage to get himself thrown out of something.

We met Jeff Smith who does 'Bone' while at a distributor's convention in Atlantic City just after he had done his first issue, a very nice guy. He, obviously, did much better in comics than us.

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