Animation Kits -Available Right Now!!
Brand new learning materials by Brian Lemay.

These Animation Kits have been designed to help you learn the basic principles of animation through practical exercises.

Perfect for those who are still in highschool and want to ramp up their abilities before getting into a college level program or even those of you who already are in a college program.

These assignments were designed to compliment the assignments given in most animation college programs around the world.

There are four levels that you can choose from:
Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced - Lip Sync

Each level contains four separate assignments for you to work on.

In this level you are introduced to some of the basic principles of animation such as weight, timing, stretch and squash, and overlapping action.

Using simple ball shapes, you will animate 3 different types of ball bounces and a balloon dropping to the ground.

Each assignment will have a set of corresponding web pages that you can go to and see the different stages of animation from rough keys, to inbetweens, and final clean up as well as other supplementary material and information.
In this second level you are introduced to the principle of the wave action.

Using a flag, a boat on a wave, an arm waving, and a dog wagging it's tail, the principles of overlapping action are clearly understood.

In the Advanced level, you will begin to work with characters. There are two laughs and two "takes".

Anticipation, action, and reaction as well as timing, weight, staggers, and character are covered thoroughly.

Lip Sync
The Lip Sync level gives you four different short lip syncs to animate to. Each one is only one to three words long.

This set will cover more of the principles of animation as they apply to character animation.

This is from Level 3, Assignment 1 - The Mouse Laugh
Each assignment comes with a URL address for a specific webpage that will help you through each step of the process and a set of animation key poses for you to work from.

You will be supplied with a 3 hole punch pegbar which was created by Nataha Lightfoot, an animation instructor in California. You can find out more about Nataha and all the other really neat animation stuff he has to offer at his website:

Each Animation Kit with 4 assignments is $20.00 + $2.00 shipping U.S.

Also available separately are two "Animation Kits - Tips and Tricks" booklets that cover the basic things you need to know about inbetweening. Each book is 40 pages and costs $10.00 + $1.00 shipping U.S.

Tips and Tricks 1 covers the basic principles nedded to get you started and Tips and Tricks 2 covers the more advanced principles including Line Quality and Clean Up.

Mail in your order and specify which Level(s) and which Tips and Tricks book(s) you want to receive.

Send cheque, payable to:

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