Mustapha & Cassim Maquette
Class #1 continued.

I want the character of Mustapha t have a thin waist so I took a piece of short wire and bent it to create a little waist clip to hold the two leg wires together.

Then I cut off the excess wire and pinch it tight.

Look at the wire frame to be sure that it looks right from all different angles, even from above or below.

If it looks off balance, mis proportioned or just plain weird, now is the time to fix it. Don't be afraid to make radical adjustments at this point. Up to now, this has only taken about 4 minutes, so theres not mush lost.

I'm making some adjustments to the spread of the knees and the tilt on the back.

I'm happy with the stance, so I'll go ahead and glue the wires into the base.

This will keep the maquette from wobbling around too much or popping out of the base while I'm adding the rest of the wires for the arms and head and then the aluminum foil..

Next I start to bend the wire for Mustapha's arms.

I want to connect Cassim to Mustapha's wireframe through one continuous wire so that it's more stable. If I glue the wires at the connection point at Mustapha's hands, Cassim might droop when I start adding the Sculpy to his body. I don't want him just hanging straight down, I want it to look like he's in mid grab.

I have a bit of extra wire that runs down the back wire. This way the weight of Cassim will be fully supported by the wires running down Mustapha's back.

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