Animation Assignment
Sourced Lip Sync
The final assignment of the 2nd semester will be a project in which each student must create a final animation piece of 20 seconds in length using a sourced sound track from either a movie or a television show.

There must be a minimum of 10 seconds of "on screen" lip sync.

You can have as many characters as you want but it is best to keep the number to two or one if you can.

The animation can be "limited" - meaning you can separate out various levels such as the mouth, eyes, arms, etc. but there must still be anticipation and reaction to the character's movements throughout. The other option is to do full animation as well.

The animation drawings must be taken to the "clean" level and everything must be completely inbetweened.

You can do a "parody" of the track - meaning you can caricature the actors and follow the actions and shots in the original source video, or you can take the sound track "out of context" by changing the characters completely and placing them in a different location than the original video.

You may have layout backgrounds for each scene if you want or just a blank background.

Production Outline
The assignment will begin on week 8 of the 2nd semester.

It is advised that you find the sound track that you will be using as soon as you can and have it ready to review during class in week 9.

Here is a breakdown on a week by week basis that you should try to follow in order to get your assignment done on time. I will not be holding you to any deadline other than the final hand-in on week 14.

Week 9 (Mar. 11 &12)
Review sound tracks.

Begin break down of the sound track and transfer the information to exposure sheets.

Begin storyboarding and character design.

Week 10 (Mar. 18 &19)
Presentation of storyboards in a leica reel format in an .avi file on class computers.

Show any character designs.

Begin creating layout packages for each scene drawing rough key animation poses for the entire 20 seconds (if you drew 1 drawing for every second, you'd end up with 20 key drawings).

Week 11 (Mar. 25 & 26)
Presentation of layout story reel with layout/key poses properly timed to sound track in an .avi file on class computers.

Begin working on clean up of key animation and breakdown animation.

Week 12 (Apr. 1 &2)
Working on inbetweening.

Week 13 (Apr. 8 &9)
Working on inbetweening.

Week 14 (Apr. 15 &16)
Final shooting and editing.

Hand in final assignment as an .avi file in assignment folder on in-class computer..


This assignment is worth 40% of the final semester grade: 20% is for your key animation, 10% is for key clean up and 10% is for inbetweening.

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