This commercial was done at Nelvana, in the commercial department called "N.A.C." for "Nelvana Animated Commercials".

They had a very small staff of people: the director was Bob Fortier, a couple of cel painters and if memory serves me correctly, John Halfpenny was a designer.

We were in the middle of producing the feature film, Rock and Rule during this time from 1980 - 1982. As the various animator's would run out of work on the feature, due to any number of delays, they would pick up some animation from N.A.C.

This commercial was done while the studio was at the Lakeshore location probably around mid-1980. I remember working mostly on the background characters in just a few of the scenes as an inbetweener. I think Larry Jacobs was the animator on this one.

Hostess Tortillas "Carmen Munchita" commercial

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