I picked up this freelance job while I was working at Nelvana on Rock and Rule around the end of 1982.

The cartoon was a short Parable for the children's television show called "Circle Square" which was produced by 100 Huntley Street. Bob Kane was the producer of the shorts and Ken Stacey was the executive producer. I don't remember exactly how I got this job. I do remember getting the script. I had a choice of three different stories and chose this one. I had to do pretty much everything on this except paint cels and shoot the final animation.

I still have the production log book and the original storyboards for it.

I was given the script on Nov. 3rd. I started with the designs and storyboards. Did a presentation on Nov. 5th and got the o.k. to move into animation on Nov. 8th.

I directed the soundtrack recording on Nov. 22nd. and had it edited and broken down on the 24th.

I completed the final scene on Dec. 6th and according to a note in the log book I only worked on it Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for a total of 16 days and was paid $3,033.33 for the whole thing.


I did it in a very limited, "Roger Ramjet" style which I loved (and still do to this day).

Circle Square cartoon "Fear"

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