This is my entry for the July 2009 11 Second Club.

The 11 Second Club is a website that hosts a friendly monthly competition among animators from around the world. The sit posts an 11 second audio track (usually from a movie) and the contestants have until the end of the month to complete the animation in either 3D computer, 2D traditional, or stop motion animation.

You can post your work in progress for other club members to comment and critique with the goal of making your animation better.

I decided, after looking in on the club for several months, to take the plunge and join in.

Here's the final animation for it. The audio track is from a 3 Stooges movie with some sound effects and Curly laughing and doing some "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuks". The whole thing took me about 30 hours to complete to this stage.

I thought for sure I had won this month's competition but ended up in 2nd place instead. Oh well.

July 2009 11 Second Club entry - "Baby Dragon"

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