This is my entry for the October 2009 11 Second Club.

This audio track was from an episode of "Lois and Clark" which I forun weirdly eclectic.

I decided to reprise the role of my two mouse characters, "Charlie" and "Fred" for this one with Charlie doing all the talking. It was quite a bit of fun to do as I had never animated two characters at the same time moving together with each other.

I originally planned to have completely different characters in this one but when I couldn't get the designs to gel, I decided to go back to the mice. I tried to keep the animation loose and cartoony.

The idea was that it was supposed to have taken place just after the scene from the August entry. I didn't quite get the coloring done in time, so I left the characters white throughout. I'll complete the coloring soon and replace this version with the new one.

October 2009 11 Second Club entry - "T.V is power"

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