Brian Lemay's Animation Kits
Level 2 - 1
Arm Wave Assignment

Here is the final inbetweened animation for this assignment. The drawings are timed to the final exposure sheets and the movie is looped.

Press the play button to watch the animation play.

Use the control bar or the single frame advance button to view the individual frames.

O.k., so it's a bit "rubber hose" and most people don't wave like this but it is animation, right?

The idea here is to use the wave principle and exaggerate it. If you look specifically at the right side of the arm, watch this line and you'll see the line I used to base the overall action on.

Look at the finger tips as the hand moves back and forth and you'll see a bit of overlapping action. This adds a bit of flavor to the movement.

All the assignments in this level use the basic principle of the wave. This is a tough principle to master, it takes a lot of concentration as you're doing it. It could very easily be messed up if you don't think it through.

Single Line Rough Animation

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