Brian Lemay's Animation Kits
Level 3 - 1
Descending Energy Ball Bounce Assignment

This is the inbetweened animation for the descending energy ball bounce.

Press the play button to watch the animation play.

Use the control bar or the single frame advance button to view the individual frames.

This is an assignment that practically every animation school in the world does in the first year of their program. The principles involved here are the effects of gravity, squash and stretch, and descending energy (which is actually an effect of gravity).

As you work on this assignment you should try some practical exercises of observing real balls bouncing. It's interesting to note that most balls will bounce between 10 and 18 times before coming to a stop depending on the material they are made of and how much air is in them. A basketball with no air in it isn't going to bounce much, if at all.

Try it yourself and count the bounces. Also make a note of the timing of the bounces. You can't just arbitrarily cut each bounce in half.

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