Brian Lemay's Animation Kits
Level 1 - 3
Balloon Drop Assignment

Here is the final inbetweened animation of the balloon drop assignment. The drawings are timed to the final exposure sheets.

Press the play button to watch the animation play.

Use the control bar or the single frame advance button to view the individual frames.

Notice how the timing is completely different from the perpetual ball drop and the descending energy ball drop. The timing si slower and the path of action is different so that it looks like a balloon floating through the air.

This is another example of observation. I actually got a balloon and tossed it through the air a few times to get a sense of the timing. Then I let it drop to the ground and observed how it bounced to a stop. I added the final movement because I noticed how the not tended to stick to the surface of the floor and caused the balloon to rotate on that point. By adding this little nuance, I was able to convey a more realistic version of the balloon.

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