Brian Lemay's Animation Kits
Level 1 - 2
Double Ball Bounce Assignment

Here is the inbetweened animation for the double ball bounce.

Press the play button to watch the animation play.

Use the control bar or the single frame advance button to view the individual frames.

I've colored the balls here just to make it clearer for you to view. You can see how adding the second ball really changes the dynamics of the movement. The bottom ball is exactly the same as the single ball bounce exercise yet with the top ball added it seems slightly different.

The main principle involved here is overlapping action. If you can add this principle to any of the animation that you do, it will add so much life to it. Of course you always have to consider your budget and time limitations on any project, so you may not be able to use this to it's fullest extent.

Take a look at the animation for the bear jumping as a practical example of this principle in action. Also, look at some of the Lip Sync assignments to see if you can spot the overlapping action in them.

Bear Jumping Animation

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