Sherluck Homes Sculpture
It's pretty safe to say that I love Sherlock Holmes.

I don't know why I waited so long to do a sculpture of him. I did a really cool looking one of Professor Morethanartie a long time ago out of Fimo.

While I was at Sheridan College, the Art Gallery had a faculty show and I put him and the Easter Chicken in. The President of the College liked them so much she offered to buy them. I really didn't want to part with them but she offered a really high price and I thought what the heck.

The Easter Chicken was an Easter gift for my wife, so I did a replica sculpture and sold that one, however, Morethanartie was a bit more complex and so I just sold her the original.

I guess I'll just have to make another one to go with this one.

This one was also done for my Humber College sculpting class and took about 10 hours to complete. He should have a pipe in his right hand but I've lost it someplace and need to make a new one before I cook him.

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