Some Other Sculptures

These are just a few of some really old sculptures I did about 20 years ago using Fimo.

This was an Easter Chicken that I made for my wife who was my girlfriend at the time. The figure is 6" tall and mounted on a small wooden base.

The Fimo is very similar to Sculpy and comes in various colours so you don't need to paint them which can be kinda handy at times but also means that you need to make each piece separately and blending the pieces or smothing out joints very difficult.

These two fish were made just for fun. They are both sculpted out of dense insulation styrofoam. I carved them down with an exacto knife into their basic shapes and then, using a rasp file, smoothed them out some more. I then went over them with fine sand paper. The eyes were made of Fimo then glued on.

The fins were made by pouring Elmer's White Glue onto a plastic bag, then letting it dry over about 3 nights. I then peeled the glue off the bag and using a pair of scissors, cut it into the desired shapes. They were then glued to the bodies using a hot glue gun.

I primed the fish with white latex paint then sprayed them using Letraset markers and a LetraJet airbrush.

The first fish is 6" long and 4" high.

The second fish is 13" long and 10 inches high and both are mounted on wooden plaques.

Some of you who have been through the website will recognize Dr. Fritz from the "It's Alive" film.

Fritz is made of Fimo and is only 4 1/2" tall.

He was thrown together very quickly and you can see how lumpy he looks. I can't remember, but I think he was one of the very first character sculptures I ever made out of Fimo.

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