Sneak #1
Here is the rough animation for a character sneaking. The entire cycle is 16 drawings. I cheated and shot it on three's rather than two's. On two's it was a bit too fast and when I shot it on four's it was too slow.

I had a rough time with this one as I got mentally screwed up a few times. I knew what I wanted, getting it on paper was a bit confusing.

I had to play around with the leg positions to get them to move on the ground properly. I wanted the leg to snap into the forward pose hard so I had to time it a little differently than normal.

The arms are doing a backwards swimming action which turned out neat.

I was inspired by Richard William's book where he is talking about experimenting with the walk cycle formula. There are endless ways of doing it. I'm going to play around some more over the summer to see what I can come up with.

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