Slo-in / Slo-out
This is the exact same action as the Mechanical Movement example except that it has the addition of a slo-in and slo-out at the beginning and the end of the move.

In order to soften the end of an action or movement, the spacing of the drawings in relation to each other is less and less. The distance between the extreme positions is divided in halves, quarters, eighths, sixteenths, thirty-seconds, etc. depending on how long you want the slo-in or slo-out to take.

There are still only 17 drawings in this example but the spacing has been changed to create the illusion of the slo-in and slo-out principle. This is also called a "cushion" in animation lingo. Just like the cushion on a couch that is used to soften your impact when you sit down.

This principle is used in pretty much every piece of animation that you will ever do.

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