Pendulum Swing
The pendulum swing action employs several of the basic principles of animation: slo-in and slo-out, weight and gravity, as well as the use of arcs.

The arc is the path of action that the end of the pendulum follows as it swings back and forth. Just as the Descending Energy Ball Bounce moved in a series of arcs, so too does the pendulum.

This action is also used extensively in your animation since most of the things you will be animating are based on a "fulcrum". The fulcrum is a pivot point like your shoulder or your hips. As your arms swing when you walk, they pivot at your shoulders. Your hands travel in an arcing motion back and forth. The same thing basically happens in your legs as well.

The use of an arc also adds dimension to the character's actions. Rather than moving any part of the body from point A to point B in a straight line, you would make it an arc so it looks more natural and three dimensional.

Think about your own body's movements and how you can employ arcs in their actions.

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