Overlapping Pendulum
In this example, you can see the same basic pendulum swing motion taking place. The addition of the overlapping action at either side gives the pendulum more life.

The principle here is also referred to as cascading action. Not everything moves at the same time or reaches the stop position at the same time.

Take note of your own arms as they swing when you walk. (Be careful not to trip when you do this.) Notice how the action of your arm starts at the shoulder first. It moves forward slightly and then the elbow follows and then the wrist and finally the tips of your fingers. Your arm isn't stiff like a board when you walk. If it was, you're probably marching like a soldier in formation.

This same principle is also used in many other areas like hair, materials like coats, or dresses, and in animals with long floppy ears.

Check out the Arm Swing examples to see more of this overlapping action as well as the Walk Cycles.

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