Double Ball Bounce
The Double Ball Bounce uses the same principles as the Perpetual Ball bounce but adds a second ball that must react to the actions of the first ball. This is overlapping action as well as reaction. The force of the bottom ball is causing the top ball to react to it.

This is the basic animation that is used later in another example of the Jumps.

Since most of your characters will probably be "human like", meaning they will have a body, arms, legs, and a head, you will need to apply this principle to some of their actions.

In the case of the Jump, the two balls represent the hips / stomach and the chest. It could also be applied to the chest and the head in many cases.

While this particular action is straight up and down, you will most likely be applying it in a horizontal manner, with the head and chest attached by the spine which will use the seaweed principle.

Check out the Walk Cycles to see some forms of this type of application, especially the Lion Walk. (Look at his head action and you'll see what I mean.)

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