Descending Energy Ball Bounce
This again uses the same principles as the Perpetual Ball Bounce but adds the realistic application of gravity on the ball. This causes the ball to lose it's energy on each bounce. Each bounce is smaller and smaller until the ball finally comes to a stop.

Different types of balls will bounce differently. A basketball made of rubber with air inside it will bounce differently than an Indian Rubber ball or a ping pong ball.

Find a few of these types of balls and observe their timing as they bounce to a stop. Count the number of bounces it takes for each of them as well as the overall amount of time that it takes for them to finally come to a stop.

It is this same type of observation that you will need to employ as you begin animating characters doing different things. Much of this timing has to do with the character's size, personality and emotional state at the moment of the action.

Try going to a mall sometime and just observe people as they shop. (Don't be obvious about it or they'll think you're stalking them.) Try to see the differences in their timing and actions. It's a very useful exercise.

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