Box Fold
The purpose of this assignment is to have the student explore some different types of materials and apply them to a simple action of a box folding itself up.

Each side needs to be made of a different type of material. The animation must show how that material moves in a convincing way.

In my example shown here I used water, paper, cloth and cardboard. Each of these materials moves and behaves in a different way, so my timing and posing of the keys needed to be well researched. Again it's that observation thing that you'll need to get used to if you want to animate.

What separates a good animator from a really good animator, is their attention to details in all the principles of animation. It is so easy to take the simplest rout to get an action completed. It's going that extra step to add in an anticipation or reaction or a variation in timing that really makes the animation shine. And usually, all it takes are a few more drawings here and there, with of course the proper attention to the overall timing and action.

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