Arm Swing
This Arm Swing exercise isolates the single arm to show the action that takes place during the walk cycle. It is basically the Seaweed movement, upside down.

I've included the collar bone to give a sense of the relationship of the shoulder to the center of the chest of the character.

You can see how the shoulder leads the action (Sliding Seaweed) and the elbow and hand follow. The elbow bends and straightens depending on the direction it is moving in and the hand does a little flip on either end of the swing (Overlapping action).

This movement is a bit exaggerated to show these principles clearly. If you look at all of the Walk Cycles, you will see different variations of this swing in each one. These variation help to differentiate the characters from each other.

We all walk but we each walk differently. Go out to the mall and observe how people walk and you'll see what I mean.

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