2nd Year Animation
Single Word Lip Sync

You are to animate a character in a slight 3/4 front view, saying the single, two syllable word “Meow”.

The character is to be drawn from the mid chest up. Use the character’s entire upper torso when animating the delivery of the line. You do not need to add any hand gestures to the action. Concentrate on the facial expressions, mouth positions, anticipation, action and reaction of the character. Do not have the character doing anything that would be distracting from the focal point.

You may also submit your work on a DVD or CD as an .avi file. Be sure the file is properly named with your last name first and first name last, i.e.: lemaybrian.avi

Principles Involved

Scene Planning
• Lip Synchronization
Slo in & Slo out
Stretch & Squash
Overlapping Action
• Effects of Gravity
• Weight
• Realistic Timing
Use of Arcs
• Observation
• Flipping

Beginning of class - Week 3, 1st semester

Thought Process
Follow the basic work processes outlined in the “Animation: The Basic Principles” book and check out this section on how to get the best out of your animation

Also check out this section on Reviewing and Analyzing Your Pencil Test - How to Be Critical

1) - Practice your character.

2) - THINK!! Do research!

3) - Research the action; focus is on CHARACTERIZATION AND MOTIVATION
so incorporate it into your analysis of the action and TIMING OF THE
CHARACTER. Try a number of different ways of saying the word. Look a yourself in a
mirror as you act out the line.

4) - Visualize - do thumbnails sketches, idea sketches to plan the action of the
head and the expressions to be used in the exercise.

5) - Act out the action to understand the various stages of action
and the opportunities for acting within the parameters of the movements.

6) - Look for opportunities to illustrate attitude in the poses and expression in
the character.

7) - Stage the action clearly so that the attitude of the character reads properly.

8) - Layout (no layout required for this assignment)

9) - Prepare thumbnail sequence of keys.

10) - Rough out your keys for each part, focusing on anticipation, action, and
reaction. Keep it loose and fluid, line of action, wave action,
smooth follow through and OVERLAPPING ACTION using simple
shapes. Use the plotting of arcs and the use of secondary action
(where applicable) to increase fluidity.

11) - Add breakdowns to fill in the action.

12) - Timing (do your exposure sheets to help plan your timing)

13) - Test on video and get it checked.

Repeat as necessary

Assignment is worth 20% of the first semester grade

Animation will be graded in the following areas:

- Anticipation /10
- Action of head /10
- Reaction /10
- Strong Key Posing /10
- Appropriate, Realistic Timing /10
- Stop / Recovery /10
- Overlapping Action /10
- Structural, three dimensional drawing /10
- Lip Sync (proper mouth positions) /20

The animation must show appropriate squash and stretch, realistic timing, proper slo-in and slo-out, torque, tilt, and twist in the head and shoulders as per in-class lecture demonstration. Character must appear to be saying the word being animated.

Lion Designs

Meow Animation Example 1

Meow Animation Example 2

Meow Animation Example 3

Helpful Tips

Get this great DVD that goes through the entire process from beginning to end. Brian guides you through the analysis of the action, key animation, breakdowns and inbetweening all in 1 hour.

$24.00 US (shipping included)

Click on any of the thumbnails shown here to view the alternate key poses for this assignment.