Animation Assignment #4

Assignment Outline
You are to animate a character of your own design completing the following actions:
Begin with character standing beside a set of stairs (which is provided in the layout). The character should be standing in a 3/4 view with their back to the camera.

The character is to climb or step up the stairs touching each step, using both their hands and feet in the process. Once they have reached the top, they are to turn from the 3/4 rear position into a 3/4 front position, facing the camera.

The character should then pause for a moment, assess the height they are at, anticipate and step down, forward to the floor, using only their feet in a controlled manner. The character then stops at the bottom of the stairs and recovers.

Shoot the animation as a line test showing 1 cycle, transfer to computer file as an .avi and submit for grading.

Principles Involved
• Scene Planning
Showing a thought process
Slo in & Slo out
Stretch & Squash
Overlapping Action
• Effects of Gravity
• Realistic Timing
Use of Arcs
• Observation
• Flipping

2 weeks (12 - 18 hours)

Assignment is worth 20% of the second semester grade

Animation will be graded in the following areas:
• Strong Key Posing
• Appropriate, Realistic Timing
• Proper Anticipation, Action, Reactions
• Overlapping Action
• Weight
• Balance

The animation must show appropriate squash and stretch, realistic timing, proper slo-in and slo-out on the arms, leg movements, torque, tilt, and twist in the pelvis and shoulders (if any) as per in-class lecture demonstration. Character must appear to have realistic weight on a proper one point perspective plane with horizon line at chest level when the character is standing.

Required Actions:

• Anticipate   ___/3
• Step up/Climb Action   ___/2
• Recovery   ___/2
• Turn   ___/2
• Pause & Assess   ___/3
• Anticipate   ___/3
• Step Down   ___/2
• Recovery   ___/3
  Total ____/20

Graded Areas:

• Strong Key Posing   ___/10
• Appropriate, Realistic Timing   ___/10
• Proper Anticipation   ___/10
• Action   ___/10
• Reactions   ___/10
• Overlapping Action   ___/10
• Weight   ___/10
• Balance   ___/10
  Total ____/80

Work Schedule

Week 1
Begin working out thumbnails
Rough out primary keys to describe the basic action.
Rough out secondary keys indicating anticipation and reactions throughout scene.
Time out keys and pencil test to confirm timing.
Make any adjustments necessary.
Draw breakdowns to broad actions.

Week 2
Show Brian pencil test of Keys and Breakdowns properly timed.
Revise actions and/or timing as required.
Revisions and inbetweening.

Week 3
Have animation on computer as .avi by beginning of class.

Check here to see demos and Work Process.

Reading Assignment
Read pages 147 - 160 of the Character Animation and Lip Sync book.

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