Animation Assignment #1

You are to animate either the character provided in a slight 3/4 front view, using the given first key pose or come up with your own design. The character is to stand for 1 second, anticipate down and then jump up into the air. The character then lands on the ground and recovers back into the first key pose after a double bounce, and then pauses for 1 second, then jumps again.

You can animate the jump as a straight up and down or add an excentric move to the basic action. The character should not spin or flip.

Shoot the animation as a line test showing 1 cycle, transfer to computer file as an .avi and submit for grading.

Be sure to label the file with your last name first and first name last, like this: lemaybrian.avi (but you would use your own name of course).

Principles Involved

• Scene Planning
• Working from a given key pose
• Working from a given character design
Slo in & Slo out
Stretch & Squash
Overlapping Action
• Effects of Gravity
• Realistic Timing
Use of Arcs
• Observation
• Flipping

Beginning of class - Week 3 (2 weeks)

Work Process
Check here for drawings from my in-class demos and a full explaination of the work process.

2012 Dog jump demo

Assignment is worth 10% of the second semester grade

Animation will be graded in the following areas:

The animation must show appropriate squash and stretch, realistic timing, proper slo-in and slo-out on the arms, leg movements, torque, tilt, and twist in the pelvis and shoulders (if any) as per in-class lecture demonstration. Character must appear to have realistic weight on a proper one point perspective plane with horizon line at chest level when the character is standing.

Check here for a .pdf of major things to watch out for in this assignment.

Required Actions:

• Anticipate   ___/4
• Jump   ___/4
• Landing   ___/4
• Recovery   ___/4
• On Model   ___/4
  Total ____/20

Graded Areas:

• Strong Key Posing   ___/10
• Appropriate, Realistic Timing   ___/10
• Proper Anticipation   ___/10
• Action   ___/10
• Reactions   ___/10
• Overlapping Action   ___/10
• Weight   ___/10
• Balance   ___/10
  Total ____/80

Get the .pdf version of the grade sheet.

(this assignment is worth 10% of your 2nd semester grade)

Here's a model sheet that you can use for the character, if you want to or you can use the character designs here.

This assignment is really all about anticipation, action, reaction and a ton of overlapping action.

When you go to the section on the examples from the in-class demos look at the drawings that I did which highlight the lines of action through
the character's body and see how they move, very similar to the action from the seaweed assignment back in 1st semester.