Animation Assignment #2

You are to animate a character of your own design in a slight 3/4 front view. The character is to stand for 1 second, then anticipate with a rocking action forward and back and then jump up and forward into the air. The character then lands on the ground and recovers and then pauses for 1 second.

The character is to use only their arms and legs to propel themselves forward. The character cannot take a step back and then jump. The anticipation should have a build up of two swings to it. The character must land on both feet in a controlled manner. Do not have the character bounce, roll, flip in mid-air, or fall in any way.

Shoot the animation as a line test showing 5 cycles, transfer to computer file as an .avi and submit for grading.

Be sure to label the file with your last name first and first name last, like this: lemaybrian.avi (but you would use your own name of course).

Check here for pencil tests and drawings from my in-class demo.

Principles Involved

• Scene Planning
• Working from a given key pose
• Working from a given character design
Slo in & Slo out
Stretch & Squash
Overlapping Action
• Effects of Gravity
• Realistic Timing
Use of Arcs
• Observation
• Flipping

2 weeks

Assignment is worth 10% of the second semester grade

Animation will be graded in the following areas:

The animation must show appropriate squash and stretch, realistic timing, proper slo-in and slo-out on the arms, leg movements, torque, tilt, and twist in the pelvis and shoulders (if any) as per in-class lecture demonstration. Character must appear to have realistic weight on a proper one point perspective plane with horizon line at chest level when the character is standing.

Check here for a .pdf of major things to watch out for in this assignment.

Required Actions:

• Anticipate   ___/4
• Jump forward   ___/4
• Landing   ___/4
• Recovery   ___/4
• On Model   ___/4
  Total ____/20

Graded Areas:

• Strong Key Posing   ___/10
• Appropriate, Realistic Timing   ___/10
• Proper Anticipation   ___/10
• Action   ___/10
• Reactions   ___/10
• Overlapping Action   ___/10
• Weight   ___/10
• Balance   ___/10
  Total ____/80

(this assignment is worth 10% of your 2nd semester grade)

Get the .pdf version of the grade sheet.

This assignment is really all about anticipation, action, reaction and a ton of overlapping action.

When you go to the section on the examples from the in-class demos look at the drawings that I did which highlight the lines of action through
the character's body and see how they move, very similar to the action from the seaweed assignment back in 1st semester.