History of Animation 1991 - 2000
• World Wide Web (CERN)
• Disney and PIXAR agree to create 3 films, including the first computer animated full-length film Toy Story
• ILM produces Terminator 2
• The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Special Achievement Award for Visual Effects for Total Recall (Metrolight Studios)
• Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
• Symbolics Graphics Division sold to Nichimen Graphics
• Motorola 68040
• Kodak PhotoCD
• SunSoft - software subsidiary of Sun Microsystems
• SGI Indigo workstation
• Disney (Randy Cartwright, David Coons, Lem Davis, Tom Hahn, Jim Houston, Mark Kimball, Dylan Kohler, Peter Nye, Mike Shaantzis, David Wolf) get Academy Scientific and Engineering Award for CAPS production system.
• Ray Feeney, Richard Keeney and Richard Lundell get Academy Scientific and Engineering Award for the Solitair Film Recorder .

Joy Batchelor, 77 yrs old, (1914 - 1991).

- 4 new animated feature films premiered this year
• "An American Tail: Fievel Goes West" a Steven Spielberg/Amblin Entertainment production

• "Beauty and the Beast" a Walt Disney production
• "Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland" a Tokyo Movie Sinsha Company production
• "Rover Dangerfield" a Rodney Dangerfield/Hyperion production

• "Aliens First Christmas" a Perennial Pictures Film Corporation production
• "The Angel and the Soldier Boy" a BMG Video production
• "Be Our Guest: The Making of Disney's Beauty and the Beast" a Blue Streak production
• "Bluetoes, The Christmas Elf" a Lacewood production
• "The Boy Who Dreamed of Christmas" a Cambium Film production
• "Bugs Bunny's Overtures to Disaster" a Warner Bros. production
• "The Canterville Ghost" a CBS Television production
• "Christmas Cartoon Classics" a Starcross Entertainment production
• "Claymation Comedy of Horrors Show" a Will Vinton production
• "Darkwing Duck: It's A Wonderful Leaf" a Walt Disney production
• "The Darkwing Duck Premier/Back To School With Mickey Mouse Club" a Walt Disney production
• "The Emperor's New Clothes" a Michael Sporn Animation production
• "The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship" a Cosgrove Hall production
• "Garfield Gets a Life" a Film Roman production
• "G.I. Joe: The Greatest Evil" a DIC production
• "The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat" a Rabbit Ears Video production
• "Grandpa" a TVC Grandpa Ltd. production
• "Henry's Cat: "The Mystery of the Missing Santa" and "When Time Went Wrong" a Bob Godfrey Films Ltd. production
• "Ira Sleeps Over" a Michael Sporn production
• "Jazztime Tale" a Michael Sporn production
• "Jingle Bell Rap" a Perennial Pictures Film Corporation production
• "The Last Halloween" a Hanna Barbera/PDI production
• "Madeline and the Bad Hat" a DIC production
• "Madeline and the Gypsies" a DIC production
• "Madeline in London" a DIC production
• "Madeline's Rescue" a DIC production


- 32 new television shows premiered this year
• "Animania" an MTV production
• "Back to the Future" an Amblin/Wang Film production
• "Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars" a Sunbow Entertainment production
• "A Bunch of Munsch" a Cinar production
• "Chip and Pepper's Cartoon Madness" a Rain Forest/ DIC production
• "Darkwing Duck" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Doug" a Jumbo Pictures production
• "Hammerman" a DIC production
• "Henry's Cat" a Bob Godfrey Films production
• "Heroes on Hot Wheels" a LaCinq/C&D/Lucky World production
• "James Bond Jr." a Murikami-Wolf-Swenson production
• "Kimboo" a Black Entertainment production
• "Little Dracula" a Hahn production
• "Little Shop" a Marvel production
• "Mr. Bogus" a YC Alligator Films production
• "Mother Goose and Grimm" a Lee Mendelsohn/Film Roman production
• "The New Adventures of Tintin" a Nelvana production
• "Pirates of Dark Water" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Prostars" a DIC production
• "The Ren and Stimpy Show" a Spumco production
• "Saban's Adventures of the Little Mermaid Fantasy" a Saban production
• "Spacecats" a Marvel production
• "Stop The Smoggies!" a Cinar production
• "Swamp Thing" a DIC production
• "Taz-mania" a Warner Bros. production
• "Timeless Tales From Hallmark" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Toxic Crusaders" a Murikami-Wolf-Swenson production
• "We All Have Tales" a Rabbit Ears production
• "Where's Waldo?" a DIC production
• "Wishkid Starring Macaulay Culkin" a DIC production
• "Young Robin Hood" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Yo, Yogi!" a Hanna Barbera production

Academy Award
• "Manipulation" a Tandem Films production

• QuickTime introduced (Apple)
• Henry Fuchs receives the 1992 ACM SIGGRAPH CG Achievement Award
• Softimage goes public
• SGI acquires MIPS
• OpenGL (SGI) released
• University of Illinois debuts CAVE virtual reality technology at SIGGRAPH 92
• Lawnmower Man (Effects by Angel Studios and Xaos)
• US Patent awarded to Pixar for Non-Affine Image Warping
• VIFX uses flock animation with Prism software to create large groups of animals
• Tom Brigham and Doug Smythe and ILM get Academy Technical Achievement Award for morphing technique (MORF)
• Loren Carpenter, Rob Cook, Ed Catmull, Tom Porter, Pat Hanrahan, Tony Apodaca and Darwyn Peachey get the Academy Scientific and Engineering Award for Renderman
• Novell buys UNIX from AT&T - $150M (transfers UNIX trademark to X/Open standards organization in 1993)

Rudolf Ising, 89 yrs old, (1903 - 1992).

- 8 new animated feature films premiered this year
• "Aladdin" a Walt Disney production

• "All Dogs Go To Heaven 2" an MGM production
• "Bebe's Kids" a Hudlin Bros. Hyperion Studio production
• "Cool World" a Frank Mancuso production
• "Ferngully... The Last Rainforest" an FAI Films production
• "Freddie as F.R.O.7" a Shapiro Glickenhaus/Hollywood Motion Pictures production
• "The Magical World of Chuck Jones" a Mgical World/IF/X production
• "Rock-A-Doodle" a Goldcrest/SullivanBluth production
• "The Tune" a Bill Plympton production


• "The Birthday Dragon" a Lacewood production
• "Bugs Bunny Creature Features" a Warner Bros. production
• "A Bunch Of Munsch: "Blackberry Subway Jam" and "Moira's Birthday" a Cinar production
• "A Bunch Of Munsch: "The Fire Station" and "Angela's Airplane" a Cinar production
• "A Bunch Of Munsch: "Murmel, Murmel, Murmel" and "The Boy in the Drawer" a Cinar production
• "A Bunch Of Munsch: "Pigs" and "David's Father" a Cinar production
• "A Bunch Of Munsch: "Something Good" and "Mortimer" a Cinar production
• "A Bunch Of Munsch: "Thomas' Snowsuit" and "Fifty Below Zero" a Cinar production
• "Cap'n O.G. Readmore Meets Chicken Little" an ABC Entertainment production
• "Cartoon Madness- The Fantastic Max Fleischer Cartoons" a Republic Pictures Corporation production
• "A Child's Garden of Verses" a Michael Sporn Animation production

• "Disney's Goof Troop" an Walt Disney production
• "Disney's The Little Mermais: "A Whale of a Tale" an Walt Disney production
• "The Elf Who Saved Christmas" an RIM/World production
• "For Better or For Worse: "A Storm In April" a Lacewood production
• "For Better or For Worse: "The Babe Magnet" a Lacewood production
• "For Better or For Worse: "The Christmas Angel" a Lacewood production
• "For Better or For Worse: "The Good For Nothing" a Lacewood production
• "For Better or For Worse: "The Last Camping Trip" a Lacewood production
• "For Better or For Worse: "Valentine From the Heart" a Lacewood production
• "A Goof Troop Christmas" a Walt Disney production
• "Happy Birthday To You" a Cinar production
• "Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas" a DIC production
• "It's A Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas, Charlie Brown" a Warner Bros. production
• "It's Christmas Time Again, Charlie Brown" a Lee Mendelson-Bill Melendez production
• "The Kingdom Chums: Original Top Ten" a Rick Reinert production


- 26 new television shows premiered this year
• "The Addams Family" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The Adventures of T-Rex" a Gunther-Whal/Kitty Film production
• "Amazin' Adventures" a DIC production
• "American Heroes & Legends" a Rabbit Ears production
• "Batman: The Animated Series" a Warner Bros. production
• "Conan the Adventurer" a Sunbow production
• Disney's The Little Mermaid" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Dog City" a Jim Henson/Nelavana production
• EEK! The Cat" a Fox Children's Network/Nelvana production
• "Feivel's American Tails" an Amblin/Nelvana production
• "Fish Police" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Goof Troop" a Walt Disney Television production
• "The Legend of Prince Valient" a Contree-Allee/ Warner Bros. production
• "The Plucky Duck Show" a Spielberg/Warner Bros. production
• "Quack Attack" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Raw Toonage" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Saban's Adventures of Pinocchio" a Saban production
• "Saban's Around the World in Eighty Dreams" a Saban production
• "Saban's Gulliver's Travels" a Saban production
• "Shakespeare: The Animated Tales" a Dave Edwards studio production
• "Shelly Duvall's Bedtime Stories" a Think Entertainment production
• "Stunt Dawgs" a Rainforest Entertainment production
• "Super Book" a CBN/Tatsunoko production
• "Super Dave" a DIC production
• "The Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa" a Gunther-Wahl/Ruby-Spears production
• "X-Men" a Marvel production

Academy Award
• "Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase" a Joan C. Gratz production

• February (premiere) issue of DV magazine advises "[to be able to do digital video, get] the most souped up system you can get your hands on. A fast processor (68040 on Amiga or Mac, 80486 on PC) and lots of RAM (8-64 MB) are in order. So is a large hard drive (200 MB - 1 GB) if you want to take on serious production."

• Disk array and compression codecs allow for nonlinear editing and full motion video

• Academy Scientific and Engineering Award is given to Les Dittart, Mark Leather, Doug Smythe and George Joblove for the development of the Digital Motion Picture Retouching System (rig removal and dirt cleanup)

• GPS system
• Adobe Acrobat
• Jurassic Park - ILM and Steven Spielberg
• Wavefront buys TDI
• Wired Magazine launched
• Windows NT
• Babylon 5 uses Amiga and Macintosh generated CGI
• Mosaic browser (NCSA)
• Xaos Tools Pandemonium image processor for the SGI
• Doom released
• Myst released (Cyan) - in 1998, it became the top selling game of all time
• Digital Domain founded by James Cameron, Stan Winston, and Scott Ross

- 9 new animated feature films premiered this year
• "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" a Warner Bros. production
• "My Neighbor Totoro" a Studio Ghibli production
• "Once Upon a Forest" a Hanna Barbra production
• "The Princess and the Goblin" a Siriol/Pannonia production
• "The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb" a bolexbrothers/Lumen Films production
• "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" a Skellington production
• "Tom and Jerry: The Movie" a Turner Enterrtainment production
• "A Troll in Central Park" a Don Bluth production
• "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story" an Amblin Entertainment production


• "Beavis and Butt-head Christmas Special" an MTV production
• "The Best of Disney Music: A Legacy in Song, Part I" a Don Mischer production

• "The Best of Disney Music: A Legacy in Song, Part II" a Don Mischer production
• "Bubsy" What Could Possibly Go Wrong?" a Calico Entertainment production
• "Charles Dickens' David Copperfield" a Cinemotion Inc. production
• "Cool Like That: The Christmas Special" a Warner Bros. production
• "The Country Mouse and the City Mouse: A Christmas Tale" a Michael Sporn production

• "Doug's Halloween Adventure" a Jumbo Pictures production

• "EEK! The Cat Christmas" a Nelvana/Savage Studios production

• "The Elf and the Magic Key" an RIM/World production

• "Going Bonkers" a Walt Disney production

• "The Halloween Tree" a Hanna Barbera production

• "Hollyrock-A-Bye Baby" a Hanna Barbera production

• "I Yabba-Dabba Do!" a Hanna Barbera production

• "Johann's Gift To Christmas" an O'B & D Films production

• "Jonny's Golden Quest" a Hanna Barbera production

• "The Legend of Lochnagar" a Mike Young production
• "The Little Crooked Christmas Tree" a Lacewood production
• "The Little Engine That Could" a Dave Edwards production
• "The Magic Paintbrush" a Marvel Films production


- 38 new television shows premiered this year
• "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" a DIC production
• "All New Dennis the Menace" a DIC production
• "Beavis and Butt-Head" an MTV production
• "Biker Mice from Mars" a Marvel production
• "Bonkers!" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Bots Master" a Marvel production
• "Capitol Critters" a Steven Bocho/Hanna Barbera production
• "Cro" a Children's Television Workshop production
• "Double Dragon" a DIC production
• "Droopy, Master Detective" a Hanna Barbera production
• "EEK! and The Terrible Thunderlizards" a Fox Children's Network/Nelvana production
• "Exosquad" a Universal Cartoon production
• "Family Dog" an Amblin production
• "Film Roman Presents: Animated Classic Showcase" a Film Roman production
• "The Hurricanes" a DIC production
• "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" a Hyperion Animation production
• "Janosch's Dream World" a Cinar production
• "Liquid Television" an MTV production
• "Madeline" a DIC production
• "The Mad Scientist Toon Club" a Saban production
• "Marsupilami" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Mighty Max" a Film Roman production
• "The Moxie Pirate Show" a Cartoon Network production
• "The New Adventures of Gigantor" a Tokyo Movie Shinsha Company production
• "The New Adventures of Speed Racer" a Fred Wolf production
• "The Pink Panther" an MGM production
• "Problem Child" a D'Ocon Film/Universal Cartoon production
• "Rocko's Life" a Games Animation production
• "Rupert" a Nelvana production
• "Sonic the Hedgehog" a DIC production
• "Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs" a Warner Bros. production
• "The Stone Protectors" a Graz Entertainment production
• "SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Tales From The Crypt Keeper" a Nelvana production
• "Transformers: GenerationII" a Sunbow production
• "Turner Family Showcase" a Cartoon Network production
• "Twinkle, The Dream Being" a Sei Young production
• "Two Stupid Dogs" a Hanna Barbera production
• "The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends" a TVC London production

Academy Award• "The Wrong Trousers" a Nick Park production

• SGI and Nintendo team up for Nintendo 64 product
• ILM earns Oscar for special effects for Jurassic Park
• Microsoft acquires Softimage - announces Windows 95
• Iomaga Zip drive
• Linux 1.0 released
• Reboot (CG cartoon) uses 3D characters (Mainframe Entertainment)
• Direct Broadcast Satellite service
• SGI founder Jim Clark resigns, forms Mosaic Communications
• Netscape browser
• VRML introduced (Mark Pesce)
• HDTV standard for transmission adopted in US

• Academy Scientific and Engineering Awards go to Gary Demos and Dan Cameron of III, David Difrancesco and Gary Starkweather of Pixar, and Scott Squires of ILM for pioneering work in film scanning; Lincoln Hu and Mike Mackenzie of ILM and Glenn Kennel and Mike Davis of Kodak for development work on a linear array CCD film input scanning system; and Ray Feeney, Will McCown and Bill Bishop of RFX and Les Dittert of PDI for their development work on an area array CCD film input scanning system

• Academy Technical Achievement Awards go to Mike Boudry of the Computer Film Company for pioneering work in film input scanning; and David and Lloyd Addleman for their inventions in digital image compositing.

• US Patent awarded to Pixar for creating, manipulating and displaying images
• Facetracker used by SimmGraphics to animate facial expressions for Super Mario
• Ken Torrance receives the 1994 ACM SIGGRAPH CG Achievement Award

• Paul Grimault, 89 yrs old, (1905 - 1994).
Walter Lantz, 94 yrs old, (1900 - 1994)

- 4 new animated feature films premiered this year
• "The Lion King" a Walt Disney production
• "The Page Master" a 20th Century-Fox/Turner production
• "The Swan Princess" a Nest Entertainment production
• "Thumbelina" a Don Bluth production


• "Alvin and the Chipmunks Trick or Treason: The Story of Pumpkinhead" a Bagdasarian production
• "Arabian Nights" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Au Clair De La Lune" a Cinar production
• "Baa Baa Black Sheep" a Cinar production
• "Butt-bowl 1994" an MTV production
• "The Christmas Witch" a Think Entertainment production
• "Christopher the Christmas Tree" a Chuck Glaser/Delaney and Friends production
• "Deck the Halls" a Perennial Pictures Film production

• "Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas Special Edition" a Turner Network production
• "Edith Ann: A Few Pieces Of The Puzzle" a Klasky-Csupo production
• "Edith Ann: Homeless Go Home" a Klasky-Csupo production
• "Father Christmas" an Iain Harvey/Blooming production
• "The Flagstones Special" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Frere Jacques" a Cinar production
• "Gary Larson's Tales From The Far Side" an International Rocketship production
• "Goofy's Salute to Father" a Walt Disney production
• "Here Comes the Bride" a Cinar production
• "A Hollywood Hounds Christmas" a DIC production
• "In Search Of Dr. Seuss" a Point Blank production
• "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" a Perennial Pictures Film Corporation production
• "Life With Louie: A Christmas Suprise For Mrs. Stillman" a Hyperion Animation production
• "The Lion King": A Musical Journey With Elton John" a Walt Disney production
• "The Magic Flute" a Ruby-Spears production
• "The Making of The Lion King" a Walt Disney production


- 38 new television shows premiered this year
• "AAAHH!!! Real Monsters" a Klasky-Ksupo production
• "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" a Warner Bros. production
• "The Adventures of Blinky Bill" a Yoram Gross Film Studio Production
• "The Baby Huey Show" a Harvey Entertainment production
• "Battletech" a Saban production
• "Beethoven" a Universal Cartoon Studios production
• "The Brothers Grunt" an A.K.A. Cartoon Inc./MTV production
• "Bump in the Night" a Danger/Greengrass production
• "The Busy World of Richard Scarry" a Cinar production
• "Cadillacs & Dinosaurs" a Nelvana production
• "Creepy Crawlers" a Saban production
• "The Critic" a Gracie Films/Film Roman production
• "Disney's Aladdin" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Duckman" a Klasky-Csupo production
• "The Fantastic Four" a Marvel production
• "Free Willy" a Nelvana production
• "Gargoyles" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Highlander: The Animated Series" a Nelvana production
• "Iron Man" a Marvel production
• "The Legend of White Fang: The Animated Series" a Cinar production
• "Madison's Adventures- Growing Up Wild" a BBC/Lionheart production
• "The Marvel Action Hour" a Marvel production
• "Mega Man" a Ruby-Spears production
• "Monster Force" a Universal Cartoon production
• "MTV Oddities" an MTV production
• "Mutant League" a Franklin-Watternman production
• "Phantom 2040" a Hearst Entertainment production
• "Reboot" a BLT/Alliance production
• "The Red Planet" a Gunther-Whal production
• "Scholastic's The Magic School Bus" aScholastic/Nelvana production
• "Skeleton Warriors" a Landmark/Graz production
• "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Spider-man: The Animated Series" a Marvel production
• "Stickin' Around" a Nelvana production
• "The Tick" an Akom/Graz production
• "What-A-Mess" a DIC production
• "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?" a DIC production
• "Wild C.A.T.S." a Nelvana production

Academy Award• "Bob's Birthday" a Snowden Fine Animation production

• Toy Story (Pixar)
• DreamWorks SKG founded (Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen)
• DreamWorks SKG and Microsoft form DreamWorks Interactive
• Internet Explorer 2.0
• amazon.com established

• Academy Scientific and Engineering Award goes to Alvy Ray Smith, Ed Catmull, Tom Porter and Tom Duff (Pixar) for pioneering inventions in digital compositing.

• Academy Technical Achievement Awards go to Gary Demos, David Ruhoff, Dan Cameron and Michelle Feraud for creation of the Digital Productions digital film compositing system; the Computer Film Company for the CFC Digital Film Compositor; and Doug Smythe, Lincoln Hu,, Doug Kay and ILM for the ILM digital film compositing system.

• US Patent awarded to Pixar for image volume data
• John Lasseter of Pixar gets Academy Award for development and application of techniques used in Toy Story
• Wavefront and Alias merge
• Pixar goes public with 6.9M share offering
• Netscape IPO ($58.25/share)
• Sony Playstation introduced
• Sun introduces Java
• Internet 2 unveiled
• MP3 standard format developed
• MSNBC debuts

Friz Freleng, 91 yrs old, (1904 - 1995).
John Halas, 83 yrs old, (1912 - 1995)

- 8 new animated feature films premiered this year
• "Arabian Knight" a.k.a. "The Thief and the Cobbler" an Allied Filmmakers/Majestic Film production

• "Balto" a Universal/Amblin Entertainment production
• "Casper" an Amblin Entertainment production

• "Frank and Ollie" a Walt Disney production
• "A Goofy Movie" a Walt Disney production
• "Gumby: The Movie" an Arrow/Premavision production
• "The Pebble and the Penguin" a Don Bluth production
• "Pocahontas" a Walt Disney production
• "Toy Story" a Walt Disney/Pixar production

• "Beavis and Butt-head Halloween Special" an MTV production


• "Ace Ventura Christmas Special" a Nelvana production
• "Beavis and Butt-head Christmas Special" an MTV production
• "Butt-bowl 1995" an MTV production
• "Daisy-Head Mayzie" a Hanna Barbera production

• "Disney's Pocahontas... The Musical Tradition Continues" an Walt Disney production
• "A Flintstone Christmas Carol" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Frosty Returns" a Bill Melendez production
• "Growing and Changing" a Michael Sporn production
• "Izzy's Quest For Gold" a Film Roman production
• "Jirimpimbira: An African Folktale" a Ruby-Spears production
• "Jonny Quest vs. The Cyber Insects" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Little Sparrow: A Precious Moments Thanksgiving Special" a Rick Reinert production
• "The Magic School Bus Halloween" a Nelvana/Scholastic production
• "The Making of a Goofy Movie" a Wrightwood Group production
• "The Making of Pocahontas: A Legend Comes To Life" a Wrightwood Group production
• "The Making of Toy Story" a Bonifer/Bogner production


- 50 new television shows premiered this year
• "Acme Radio Hour" Cartoon Network Production
• "The Adventures of Hyperman" a Hyperion Animation production
• "Aeon Flux" a Colossal Pictures/MTV production
• "Budgie - The Little Helicopter" a Fred Wolf Studios production
• "Carrot Top's A.M. Mayhem" a Cartoon Network production
• "Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist" a Popular Arts Entertainment/Ken Snyder production
• "Dumb and Dumber: The Animated Series" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Earthworm Jim" a Universal Studio production
• "EEK! Stravaganza" a Fox Children's Network/Nelvana production
• "Gadget Boy and Heather" a DIC production
• "G-Force" a Turner Entertainment production
• "G.I. Joe: Extreme" a Sunbow production
• "Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales From Every Child" a Hyperion Animation production
• "Happy Ness: The Secret of Loch" an Abrams Gentile production
• "Katie and Orbie" a Lacewood production
• "Klutter" a Film Roman production
• "Life With Louie" a Hyperion production
• "Littl'bits" a Tatsunoko production
• "The Little Lulu Show" a Cinar production
• "Littlest Pet Shop" a Sunbow production
• "Magical Adventures of Mumfie" a Britt-Alcroft production
• "The Mask" a Sunbow production
• "Maurice Sendak's Little Bear" a Nelvana production
• "Mr. Spim's Cartoon Theatre" a Cartoon Network production
• "Monster Mania" a Kookanooga Toons production
• "The Never Ending Story" a Nelvana production
• "The New Adventures of Medeline" a DIC production
• "Once Upon a Time... The Americas" a Procidis production
• "Once Upon a Time... The Discoveries" a Procidis production
• "Papa Beaver's Story Time" an M5 Production
• "Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders" a New Frontier Entertainment production
• "Ronin Warriors" a Sunrise Inc. production
• "Sailor Moon" a DIC production
• "Santo Bugito" a Film Roman production
• "Savage Dragon" a Lacewood production
• "The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Skysurfer Strike Force" a Ruby-Spears production
• "Space Strikers" a Saban production
• "Steven Spielberg Presents Freakazoid" a Warner Bros. production
• "Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky and the Brain" a Warner Bros. production
• "Street Fighters" a Capcom U.S.A. production
• "Street Sharks" a Surge Entertainment/DIC production
• "The Superman-Batman Adventures" a Hanna Barbera/Filmation production
• "Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries" a Warner Bros. production
• "Teknoman" a Saban production
• "Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic" a Saban production
• "That's Warner Bros.!" a Warner Bros. production
• "The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat" a Film Roman production
• "Ultraforce" a DIC production
• "World Premier Toons" a.k.a. "What A Cartoon" a Hanna Barbera/Cartoon Network production

Academy Award• "A Close Shave" a Nick Park production

• John Whitney passes away (1922-1996)
• Quake hits game market

• Academy Scientific and Engineering Awards go to Jim Hourihan for particle systems in Dynamation; Brian Knep, Zoran Kacic-Alesic and Tom Williams of ILM for the Viewpaint 3D Paint system; and Bill Reeves for the original development and concept of particle systems.

• Academy Technical Achievement Awards go to Jim Kajiya of Cal Tech and Tim Kay for pioneering work in the creation of CGI hair and fur; Nestor Burtnyk and Marceli Wein of the National Research Center of Canada for computer assisted key framing for animation; Garth Dickie for shape-driven warping and morphing in the Elastic Reality Special Effects System; Jeff Yost, Christian Rouet, David Benson and Florian Kainz for the development of a system to create and control hair and fur in CGI; Brian Knep, Craig Hayes, Rick Sayre and Tom Williams of ILM for the creation and development of the direct input device; and Ken Perlin for the development of the Perlin Noise technique.

• Colossal Pictures files Chapter 11 bankruptcy
• Yahoo! IPO ($43/share)
• eBay launched
• SGI buys Cray Research - $764M
• SGI introduces O2 workstation
• Disney purchases DreamQuest Images; Dreamworks buys interest in PDI
• PalmPilot introduced
• Windows 95 ships

- 4 new animated feature films premiered this year
• "Beavis and Butt-head Do America" a Geffin Pictures/MTV production
• "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" a Walt Disney production
• "James and the Giant Peach" a Walt Disney production
• "Space Jam" a Warner Bros. production


• "The Adventures of Mole" an All Time Entertainment production
• "The Balloonatiks: "Christmas Without a Clause" an Animagic Entertainment Group production
• "Beavis and Butt-head Do America: An MTV Movie Special" an MTV production
• "Boo! To You Too, Winnie the Pooh" a Walt Disney production
• "Butt-bowl 1996" an MTV production

• "Doug and Rugrats Christmas" a Jumbo Pictures/Klasky Csupo production
• "Doug's Secret Christmas" a Jumbo Pictures production
• "Edith Ann's Christmas" a Klasky-Csupo production
• "Happy Birthday Bunnykins" a Rabbits Unlimited/Lacewood production
• "Hey Arnold! The Christmas Show" a Games Animation production
• "How Do You Spell God?" a Debra Solomon/HBO production
• "The Magic Pearl" a Film Roman production
• "The Magic School Bus Family Holiday Special" a Nelvana/Scholastic production
• "The Making of The Hunchback of Notre Dame" a Wrightwood Group production


- 49 new television shows premiered this year
• "Ace Ventura: The Animated Series" a Nelvana production
• "Adventures from the Book of Virtues" a Fox Animation production
• "All Dogs Go To Heaven" an MGM Animation production
• "Angry Beavers" a Gunther-Wahl production
• "Arthur" a Cinar production
• "B.A.D. (Bureau of Alien Detectors)" a Saban production
• "Beast Wars: Transformers" a Mainfraim production
• "Beavis and Butt-Head Do America" an MTV production
• "Big Bag" a Childrens Television Workshop production
• "Blazing Dragons" a Nelvana production
• "Blue's Clues" a Nickelodeon production
• "Brand New Spanking Doug" a Jumbo Pictures production
• "Bruno" a Film Roman production
• "Bugs and Daffy" a Warner Bros. production
• "Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys" a Monkeyshine/Hallmark production
• "Casper" a Universal Cartoon Studio production
• "Cave Kids" a Hanna Barbera production
• "C-Bear and Jamal" a Film Roman production
• "The Daffy Duck Show" a Warner Bros. production
• "Darkstalkers" a Graz Entertainment production
• "Dexter's Laboratory" a Cartoon Network production
• "Dinobabies" a Fred Wolf production
• "Disney's Quack Pack" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Dragon Ball Z" a Toei Animation production
• "Dragon Flyz" an Abrams Gentile Entertainment production
• "Flash Gordon" a Hearst Entertainment/Lacewood production
• "Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Hey Arnold!" a Nickelodeon production
• "Honeybee Hutch" a Saban production
• "The Incredible Hulk" a Marvel production
• "Inspector Gadget's Field Trip" a DIC production
• "Jungle Cubs" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Kablam!" a Nickelodeon production
• "Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm" a Film Roman production
• "The Mouse and the Monster" a Saban Entertainment production
• "Once Upon a Time... Man" a Procidis production
• "Project G.e.e.K.e.R." a Columbia-Tristar production
• "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Richie Rich" a Film Roman production
• "Road Rovers" a Warner Bros. production
• "Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist" a Saban production
• "Saban's Eagle Riders" a Saban production
• "Saban's The Why Why Family" a Saban production
• "Samurai Pizza Cats" a Saban production
• "Sky Dancers" an Abrams Gentile production
• "Vot-tech" a Universal Cartoon production
• "Waynehead" a Warner Bros. production
• "Wing Commander Academy" a Universal Cartoon production

Academy Award• "Quest" a Thomas Stellmach Animation production

• VIFX joins with Blue Sky
• Bryce 3D
• Riven (sequel to Myst)
• DVD technology unveiled
• SGI Octane
• IBM Deep Blue wins at chess

• Academy Scientific and Engineering Awards go to Bill Kovacs and Roy Hall for the engineering efforts that result in the Wavefront Advanced Visualizer software; Richard Shoup, Alvy Ray Smith and Tom Porter for the development of digital paint systems; John Gibson, Rob Kreiger, Milan Novacek, Glen Ozymok, and Dave Springer for the devlopment of geometric modeling in Alias PowerAnimator; Craig Reynolds for pioneering contributions to 3D computer animation; Eben Ostby, Bill Reeves, Sam Leffler and Tom Duff for the Pixar Marionette animation system; and Dominique Boisvert, Rejean Gagne, Daniel Langlois, and Richard Lapierriere for the Actor component of the Softimage animation system.

• Academy Technical Achievement Awards go to Jim Keating, Michael Wahrman and Richard Hollander for the Wavefront Advanced Visualizer software development; Greg Hermanovic, Kim Davidson, Mark Elendt and Paul Breslin for the development of PRISMS software; and Richard Chuang, Glenn Entis and Carl Rosendahl for the PDI animation system.

• Pixar interactive division dissolved
• Microsoft sued by Justice Dep't
• Apple Computer acquires NexT

- 4 new animated feature films premiered this year
• "Anastasia" a Fox Family/20th Century/Fox Animation production

• "Cats Don't Dance" a Turner Pictures production
• "Hercules" a Walt Disney Production
• "Pippi Longstocking" an AB Svensk Filmindustri/Nelvana production


• "Annabelle's Wish" a Ralph Edwards/Baer Animation production
• "Beavis and Butt-head Do Thanksgiving With Kurt Loder" an MTV production
• "Butt-bowl 1997" an MTV production

- 35 new television shows premiered this year
• "Animated Hero Classics" a NEST Entertainment production
• "Channel Umptee-3" an Act II/Enchante-George/Columbia TriStar production
• "Cow and Chicken" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Daria" an MTV production
• "Disney's 101 Dalmations: The Series" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Disney's Pepper Ann" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Disney's Recess" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Enchanted Tales" a Sony Wonder production
• "Extreme Dinosaurs" a DIC production
• "Extreme Ghost Busters" a Columbia Tristar production
• "Johnny Bravo" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Kewpies" a Sachs Family Entertainment production
• "King of the Hill" a Klasky Csupo production
• "The Legend of Calamity Jane" a Warner Bros. production
• "The Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Men In Black: The Series" an Amblin Entertainment production
• "Migraine Boy" an MTV production
• "Mr. Men" a Marina/Mr. Film production
• "Mummies Alive!" a DIC production
• "The New Batman/Superman Adventures" a Warner Bros. production
• "Nightmare Ned" a Walt Disney Television production
• "O Canada" a National Film Board production
• "One Saturday Morning" a Walt Disney Television production
• "Oscar's Orchestra" a Warner Music Vision production
• "Sam and Max: Freelance Police" a Nelvana production
• "Science Court" a Tom Snyder production
• "South Park" a Comedy Partners production
• "Space Kidettes" a Hanna Barbera production
• "Spicy City" a Ralph Bakshi production
• "Testament: The Bible In Animation" a BBC Wales production
• "Todd McFarlane's Spawn" an HBO production
• "Van-pires" an Abrams Gentile production
• "The Wacky World of Tex Avery" a DIC production
• "Weinerville" a Weiner production
• "Zorro" a Fred Wolf Films production

Academy Award• "Geri's Game" a Pixar Production

• Titanic becomes the largest grossing motion picture in US history
• Alias Maya released
• Quicktime 3.0 released
• Google launched
• Boss Films closes
• Riven released
• Sun gets back into graphics with the Darwin Ultra series of workstations
• MPEG-4 standard announced
• XML standard
• CGI cartoon Voltron produced in US
• SGI and Microsoft form partnership to develop APIs; SGI will develop NT-based PCs
• Geri's Game (Pixar) - awarded the Academy Award for Animated Short
• Colossal Pictures emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy
• Avid purchases SoftImage from Microsoft
• The SIGGRAPH Conference celebrates its 25th Anniversary in Orlando

• Academy Technical Achievement Awards go to Doug Roble (Digital Domain) and Thad Beier (Hammerhead) for Tracking Technology; Nick Foster (PDI) for water simulation systems; David Difrancesco, Bala Manian and Tom Noggle for laser film recording and Cary Philips for the ILM Caricature animation system

• Academy Scientific and Engineering Awards go to Gary Tregaski for the primary design and Dominique Boisvert, Philipe Panzini and Andre Leblanc for the development of the Flame and Inferno software; Roy Ference, Steve Schmidt, Richard Federico, Rockwell Yarid and Mike McCrackan for the design and development of the Kodak Lightning laser recorder.

• "Mulan" a Walt Disney production


• "Celebrity Deathmatch Deathbowl '98" an MTV production


- 8 new television shows premiered this year
• "The Country Mouse and City Mouse Adventures" a Cinar production
• "The Fantastic Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor" a Fred Wolf production
• "Gadget Boy's Adventures in History" a DIC production
• "Ned's Newt" a Nelvana production
• "PB & J Otter" a Siriol Animation Ltd. production
• "Salty's Lighthouse" a Sunbow production
• "Silver Surfer" a Fox Kids Network/Saban/Marvel production
• "Steven Spielberg Presents Toonsylvania" a Dreamworks production

Academy Award• "Bunny" a Blue Sky production

• The graphics world loses David Evans at age 74
• Star wars Episode One - The Phantom Menace uses 66 digital characters composited with live action
• VIFX and Rhythm & Hues merge
• The graphics world loses Pierre Bezier
• Silicon Graphics Incorporated changes its name to SGI
• Fred Brooks receives the Turing Award
• NewTek ports Toaster to NT
• melissa computer virus
• SIGGRAPH celebrates its 30th Anniversary as an organization at SIGGRAPH 99 in Los Angeles
• SGI cuts Cray, NT production and High end graphic design
• Side Effects Houdini ported to Linux
• Napster created
• Toy Story 2 produced by Pixar
• Stuart Little produced by Sony Pictures Imageworks
• Fantasia 2000 produced by Disney
• Disney's DreamQuest and Feature Animation join to form The Secret Lab (TSL)

• "Tarzan" a Walt Disney production


• "


Academy Award

• Playstation 2
• SGI sells Cray to Tera Computer
• Human genome mapped by Celera
• Microsoft X-Box prototype shown at SIGGRAPH 2000
• Dinosaur produced by Disney
• The graphics world loses Phil Mittleman (MAGI)
• Walking with Dinosaurs - Framestore (UK)
• Mission to Mars effects produced by ILM and The Secret Lab

• Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Award of Merit awarded to Rob Cook, Loren Carpenter and Ed Catmull for the significant advancements to the field of motion picture rendering as exemplified in Pixar's Renderman

• Academy Technical Achievement Awards go to Venkat Krishnamurthy for the Paraform software for digital form development; and George Burshukov, Kim Libreri and Dan Piponi for image based rendering

• Hollow Man produced by Sony
• How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Centropolis)
• Maya ported to Macintosh
• Mac OS-X introduced

• Boomerang televison network founded as a spin-off of the Cartoon Network.
• Fox Animation closes.
• DIC Entertainment is sold by Walt Disney Productions and becomes an independent studio.• Disney closes its studios in Toronto and Vancouver. (Canada)
• Corus Entertainment acquires control of Nelvana. (Canada)
• “Vithita Animation founded by the Kai Hua Roh publishing company. (Thailand)
• TV-Loonland AG (Germany) acquires Telemagination. (Great Britain)
• “The Oslo Animation Festival is renamed Animerte Dager-the Nordic and Baltic Animation Festival. The first is held in Fredrikstad. (Norway)
• Dr. Movie studio becomes Dr. Digital in Seoul. (South Korea)

Marc Davis (Marc Fraser Davis) (animator, character designer) dies in Glendale, California.
Art Davis (Arthur Davis) (animator, director) dies.
Eyvind Earle (background artist, color stylist) dies in Monterey, California.
• Hoyt Curtin (composer) dies in Los Angeles, California.
• “Vyacheslav Kotenochkin (Vyacheslav Mihailovich Kotenochkin) (director, producer, animator) dies in Moscow. (Russia)

Animated Feature Films
45 new animated feature films premiered this year
North America
• “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle”, Des McAnuff /Industrial Light and Magic. (cgi animation and live action)
• “Dinosaur” Eric Leighton and Ralph Zondag /Disney. (cgi animation and live action backgrounds)
• “The Emperor's New Groove” Mark Dindal and Roger Allers /Disney.
• "Fantasia 2000" Hendel Butoy /Disney. (drawn animation, cgi animation)
• “Heavy Metal 2000” ("Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2") Michael Coldewey and Michael Lemuire /Ciné-Groupe. (Canada)
• "The Road to El Dorado" Eric "Bibo" Bergeron and Dan Paul /DreamWorks.

• “Rugrats in Paris: The Movie” Stig Bergqvist and Paul Demeyer /Klasky-Csupo.
• “Titan A.E.” Don Bluth and Gary Goldman /Fox Animation. (drawn animation, some cgi animation)

• “Condor Crux, la leyenda" Juan Pablo Buscarini, Swan Glecer, and Pablo Holcer. (Argentina)
• “Corazón, las alegrias de Pantriste" Manuel García Ferré /García Ferré. (Argentina)
• “Los Pintin al rescate" ("The Penguins to the Rescue") Franco Bittolo /Pantagonik. (Argentina)

Great Britian
• “Chicken Run" Peter Lords and Nick Park /Aardman. (Great Britain) (puppet animation, clay animation)
• “Hjælp, jeg er en fisk" ("Help, I'm a Fish") Stefan Fjeldmark and Michael Hegner /A. Film. (Denmark)
• “Hundhotellet" ("Dog Hotel", "Dog Days") Per Ahlin. (Sweden/Denmark/Norway)
• “Pettson och Findus - Kattonauten" Torbjörn Jansson and Albert Hanan Kaminski /Happy Life. (Sweden)

• “Carnivale" Deane Taylor /Terraglyph and Millimages. (Ireland/France)
• “Cirkeline - Ost Og Kærlighed" Jannik Hastrup /Dansk Tegnefilm Produktion. (Denmark)
• “La leggenda del Titanic" ("The Legend of the Titanic" or "Titanic-The Cartoon") Kim Lox /Mondo. (Italy)
• “Marco Antonio: Rescate en Hong Kong" ("Marco Antonio: Rescue in Hong Kong") Carlos Valera and Manuel J. García /Merlín Animación. (Spain)
• “Marco Polo: Return to Xanadu" Ron Merk /Tooniversal. (United States/China/Slovak Republic.
• “The Miracle Maker" Derek Hayes and Stanislav Sokolov /Cartwn Cymru and Christmas Films. (Great Britain/Russia) (puppet animation, clay animation, cgi animation)
• “Novye Bremenskiye" ("New Musicians of Bremen") Alexander Gorlenko /Kinomost. (Russia) (drawn animation, some cgi animation)

• “Princes et Princesses" ("Princes and Princesses" Michel Ocelot /La Fabrique. (France) (silhouette animation) collection of six short cartoons

• “Aa! Megamisama! The Movie" ("Oh My Goddess: The Movie") Hiroaki Goda.
• “A*LI*CE" Kenichi Maejima /Gaga Communications. (cgi animation)
• “Blood: The Last Vampire" Hiroyuki Kitakubo /Production I.G. (drawn animation, cgi animation)
• “Chouzetsu-shinka!! Ougon no Digimental"
• “Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Jouriku!!" ("Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!!"), Shigeyasu Yamauchi /Toei. (drawn animation, some cgi animation)
• “Digimon Adventure: Bokura no War Game!" ("Digimon Adventure: Our War Game") Mamoru Hosoda /Toei. (drawn animation, some cgi animation)
• “Doraemon: Nobita no Taiyô-ô Densetsu" ("Doraemon: Nobita and the Legend of the Sun King") Shin'ei.
• “Escaflowne the Movie: A Girl in Gaea" Akane Kazuki /Sunrise. (drawn animation, some cgi animation)
• “Gensomaden Saiyuki: Requiem" Yuto Date. (drawn animation, some cgi animation)
• “Initial D: Third Stage" Shishi Yamaguchi /Toei. (drawn animation, some cgi animation)
• “Kaze wo Mita Shonen" ("The Boy Who Saw the Wind") Kazuki Omori.
• “Me Gumi no Daigo: The Movie" Shin Nishizawa /Sunrise.
• “Meitantei Conan: Hitomi no Naka no Ansatsusha" ("Detective Conan: Captured in Her Eyes") Kenshi Kodama /TMS.
• “Mon Colle Knights: Densetsu no Fire Dragon" ("Monster Collection Knights: Legend of the Fire Dragon").
• “Nekojiru-So", Tatsuo Sato.
• “One Piece: Kaizokuou ni Ore wa Naru" ("One Piece: I'll Be a Pirate King") Junji Shimizu /Toei.
• “Pocket Monster: Kesshôtô no teiô" ("Pocket Monsters: The Lord of the Unknown Tower") Kunihiko Yuyama /OLM.
• “Taiyou no Hou" ("The Laws of the Sun") Tak Ishiyama. (cgi animation)
• “The Tigger Movie" Jun Falkenstein /Disney Japan.

• “The Magic Pudding” Karl Zwicky and Robert Smit /energee.

• “Pandavas: The Five Warriors” Usha Ganesarajah /Pentamedia Graphics. (cgi animation)
• “Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists" Evan Ricks and Alan Jacobs /Pentafour. (India) (cgi animation)

Music Video
• "Someday Out of the Blue" Joseph Kahn and Eric "Bibo" Bergeron (animation director) /DreamWorks.

• “A Stranger in Town” J.J. Sedelmaier /Sedelmaier. first Captain Linger series
• “Arthur's Perfect Christmas" Greg Bailey /CINAR. (Canada)
• “The Aurora: Umi no Aurora ("The Aurora: Aurora of the Sea") Yoshinoro Kanno (cgi animation)
• "Chuck Jones: Extremes and In-Betweens, A Life in Animation" Margaret Selby /PBS.biographical special with some animation
• “Is It Fall Yet?” Karen Disher and Guy Moore /MTV Animation.
• “The Last Polar Bears" Alan Simpson /Telemagination. (Great Britain) Annecy Festival Grand Prize winner
• “Lion of Oz and the Badge of Courage" Tim Deacon /Ciné-Groupe. (Canada)
• “L'Ile au Volcan ("The Island of the Volcano" or "Little Tom Volcano Island") Darguad-Marina. (France)
• "Lost Warner Bros. Cartoons" Jerry Beck /Cartoon Network.
• “Little Buck's Christmas" Virtual Media. (Canada) (cgi animation)
• “Lupin III - 1$ Money Wars" Hideki Tonomasa /TMS.
• “Millennium-The Musical" Bob Godfrey.
• “Panique au village: "Le gâteau" ("Panic in the Village: 'The Cake'") Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar /La Parti, Pic Pic André Productions. (Belgium) (pilot episode, Annecy Festival Grand Prize winner)
• “Patate et le jardin potager" ("Spud and the Vegetable Garden") Benoît Chieux and Damien Luoche Pélissieur /Folimage. (France)
• “Santa Mouse and the Ratdeer" Chris Bartleman /Studio B. (Canada)

- 148 new television shows premiered this year
North America
• “1300 CC", Eoin Clarke /Bermuda Shorts. (Great Britain)
• “AAAGH! It's the Mr. Hell Show" Sextant Entertainment and Peafur. (Canada/Great Britain)
• “Action Man” Mainframe. (Canada) (cgi animation)
• “The Animated Odyssey" Vilanima Studios. (Lithuania)
• “As Told By Ginger” Klasky-Csupo.
• “Baby Blues” Warner Bros. Television.
• "Between the Lions" WGBH and Sirius Thinking. (drawn animation, part live action) contains The Adventures of Cliff Hanger and other animated short cartoons and sequences
• “The Bob Clampett Show “ Cartoon Network. (various shorts directed by Clampett, with some biographical information)
• “Brian Jacques' Mattimeo: A Tale of Redwall" Nelvana and Molitor. (Canada/Germany)
• “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command” Disney Television.
• “Clerks” Disney Television.
• “Corduroy" Nelvana and Sichuan Top Animation. (Canada/China).
• “D'Myna Leagues” Studio B. (Canada)
• “Dora the Explorer” Nickelodeon Animation.
• “Eckhart" Cellar Door. (Canada)
• “El Kabong Rides Again” George Evelyn /Wild Brain. (cut-out animation)
• “Generation O” Sony Wonder.
• “George Shrinks" Nelvana and Jade Animation. (Canada/China)
• "God, the Devil and Bob" Carsey-Werner.• Max Steel (tv), Netter. (cgi animation)
• “Horrible Histories” Mike Young Productions.
• “The Intruder” Turner Digital Studios. (cgi animation)
• “Jackie Chan Adventures” Sony.
• “JBVO” Cartoon Network. cartoon anthology program
• “Maggie and the Ferocious Beast” Nelvana. (Canada)
• “Marvin the Tap Dancing Horse" Nelvana and Hong Guang Animation. (Canada/China)
• “Micronauts" Pan Pacific. (Canada) (cgi animation)
• “Miss Mallard Mystery" Cinar and Shanghai Animation. (Canada/China)
• "NASCAR Racers" Saban Entertainment.

• “Pelswick" Nelvana. (Canada)
• “Playboy's Dark Justice” Michael Ninn /Hope Ranch Productions. (cgi animation)
• “Sammy” Sony.
• “Seven Little Monsters" Nelvana and Suzhou Hong Ying Animation. (Canada/China).
• “Sheep in the Big City” Mo Willems /Curious Pictures.
• “So Many Santas" Peafur Productions and Silver Fox Films. (Great Britain)
• “Spy Groove” Mike Manley and Michael Gans /MTV Animation.
• “Static Shock!” Warner Bros. Television.
• “Super Duper Sumos” DIC Entertainment and Ameko Entertainment. (United States/South Korea)
• “Teacher's Pet” Disney Television.
• “Timothy Goes to School" Nelvana and Animation Services Hong Kong. (Canada/China)
• “Toad Patrol" Toadbag Productions (Funbag). (Canada)
• “The Twins" Cinar and Flextech. (Canada/Great Britain)
• "The Weekenders" Disney Television.
• "X-Chromosome" Oxygen Media. collection of shorts from various studios
• “X-Men Evolution” Film Roman.
• “Yvon of the Yukon” Studio B. (Canada)
• “The Zeta Project” Warner Bros. Television.

Great Britian
• “Bill and Ben" Cosgrove-Hall. (puppet animation)
• “Ethelbert the Tiger" Millimages.
• “Fetch the Vet" Cosgrove-Hall. (puppet animation)
• “Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids" Honeycomb Animation. (drawn animation, cgi animation, and puppet animation)
• “The Lampies" Red Balloo. (drawn animation, some cgi animation)
• “The Magic Key" Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment.
• “Max Bear" Max Bear Production.
• “Meeow" Siriol.
• “Merlin the Magical Puppy" Little Entertainment. (puppet animation)
• “Preston Pig" Varga TVC.
• “Sali Mali" Siriol Productions. )
• “Secrets with Ginger Forrest" Impossible Televison. (cgi animation)
• “Sheeep" Grand Slamm.
• “Star Maths" Redwing Animation.) (cgi animation)
• “The Tales of Little Grey Rabbit" Cosgrove-Hall and Cartoons Produccións. (Great Britain/Spain)
• “Yoho Ahoy" COG. (puppet animation)

• “Argaï, la prophetie" ("Argaï, the Prophecy") Carrere.
• “Avril: A la Croisee des Chemins" ("April: At the Crossing of the Stars") Koen Reynaerts /Neuroplanets.
• “Belphégor", La Armateurs.
• “Digital Monsters" Studio Latin-Medialab. (cgi animation)
• “Kong, La Serie Animée" ("Kong, the Animated Series") Ellipsanime.
• “Les Canards extrêmes" Alphanim. )
• “Les Enquêtes de Prudence Petitpas" ("The Investigations of Prudence Petitpas") Les Films de la Perrine and Odec Kids Cartoons. (France/Belgium)
• “Les Fils de Rome" Dargaud Marina and Neuroplanet.
• “Les rois et les reines" ("The Kings and the Queens") Ellipsanime.
• “Momie au pair" ("Mummy Nanny") Les Cartooneurs Associés.
• “Nez de Fer: Le Chevalier Mystère" ("Iron-Nose: The Mysterious Knight") Futurikon.
• “Peter Swift et le Petit Cirque" ("Peter Swift and the Small Circus") Storimages.
• “Rapido" Xilam.
• “Tik Tak Tok" En Ce Miroir.
• “Wheel Squad" Praxinos and France Animation.
• “Wombat City" Les Filmes de la Perrine. (drawn animation, some cgi animation)
• “Xcalibur" Ellipsanime. (cgi animation)

• “Bill Body" Ludewig
• “Das kleine Gespenst" ("The Little Ghost") Curt Linda /CBM and Linda Film.
• “Max & Ko - Operation Buttercreme" Thomas Schneider /clayart. (clay animation)

• “7th Carnaby Street" Rever.
• “I cartoni dello Zecchino d'Oro" ("Cartoons of the Zecchino d'Oro").
• “Pinocchio (tvss), Enzo D'Alo /Lanterna Magica." Annecy Festival Grand Prize winner

• “Pigs Next Door" Magma Films.

• “Defensor 5, la última patrulla" ("Defensor 5, The Ultimate Patrol") Anima 2. (cgi animation)
• “Fantaghiro" BRB Internacional.)
• “Fix und Foxi" ("Fix and Foxi") D'Ocon. (Spain/Germany)

• “Grabbit the Rabbit" Roni Oren Studio. (clay animation)

• “Peo in Svizzera" ("Peo in Switzerland") TSI. (Switzerland) (puppet animation)
• “Pettersson und Findus" ("Pettson and Findus") TV Loonland Ag, Happy Life, Animation AB. (Sweden)
• “Piknik" ("Picnic") Umut Sanat Animasyon. (Turkey)
• “Pood" Nooredin Zarrin-Kelk /SABA. (Iran)
• “Symfollies" BMC Group. (Belgium) (cgi animation)
• “The Tyrant and the Child" Jiri Barta /Studio Jiri Trnka. (Czech Republic/Great Britain) (puppet animation)

• “Boogiepop Phantom" Madhouse.
• “Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran" ("Carried Away by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran") Madhouse.
• “Megami Kouhosei" ("Goddess Cadets" or "Pilot Candidate") Xebec.
• “Mon Colle Knights" ("Monster Collection Knights") Deen.
• “Oh! Super Milk-chan" Pierrot.
• “Mashurambô" Toei.
• “Miami Guns" Group TAC.
• “Nyani ga Nyander Nyander Kamen" Sunrise.
• “Oja-Majo Doremi #" ("A Useless Witchgirl Doremi Sharp") Toei.
• “Da! Da! Da!" J.C. Staff. (2000-2002)
• “Ayashi no Ceres" ("Ceres: Celestial Legend") Pierrot.
• “Digimon Adventures 02" ("Digimon: Digital Monsters") Toei. (drawn animation, some cgi animation)
• “Dokidoki Densetsu Mahojin Guruguru" ("Exciting Legend Magic Circle Guru-Guru") Nippon Animation.
• “Gate Keepers" Gonzo.
• “Gensou Maden Saiyuki" Pierrot.
• “Ginsou Kikou Odian" ("Silver Armor Knight Odian") Plum.
• “Hidamari no Ki" ("Tree in the Sun") Madhouse.
• “Kaitou Kiramekiman" Tatsunoko.
• “Love Hina" Xebec.
• “Monster Farm" ("Monster Rancher: The Road to Legend") TMS.
• “NieA_7" Triangle Staff.
• “Sakura Taisen" ("Sakura Wars").
• “Seikai no Senki" ("A Record of the Star World War") Sunrise.
• “Transformers: Car Robots" ("Transformers: Robots in Disguise") Aeon.
• “Brigadoon - Marin and Meran" Sunrise.
• “Dinozaurs: The Series" Sunrise and Saban Entertainment. (Japan/United States) (drawn animation, some cgi animation)
• “Hand Maid Mei".
• “Medarot Damashii" ("Medarot Spirits").
• “Strange Dawn".
• “Tottoko Hamutaro" ("Trotting Hamutaro", "Hamtaro), TMS.
• “Baby Felix" Aeon. (Japan/United States)
• “Argent Soma" Sunrise.
• “Digital Tokoro-san" (cgi animation)
• “Gakkou no Kaidan" ("Ghost Stories in School").
• “Gambler Densetsu Tetsuya" ("Gambler Legend - Tetsuya") Toei.
• “Gear Senshi Dendoh" Sunrise.
• “Gravitation" Deen.
• “Hajime no Ippo" ("The First Step") Madhouse. (2000-2002)
• “Inuyasha" Sunrise.
• “Karakuri Kiden Hiou Senki" ("Hiou's Windup Dolls Military Commentaries").
• “Muteki-oh Tri-Zenon" ("Matchless King Tri-Zenon") Easyfilm.
• “Sci-Fi Harry" A.P.P.P.
• “Shin Megami Tensei: Devichil" TMS.
• “Vandread" Gonzo.
• “Yami no Matsuei" ("Descendant of Darkness") J.C. Staff.
• “Dotto Koni-chan".
• “Pipo Papo Patrol" Toei.
• “aniMIX" Nihon TV. collection of assorted shorts from various animators
• “My Friends Pikapo" FX Digital. (South Korea) (cgi animation)
• “Taekwon Kid Typhoon Kang" HanKil Productions. (South Korea)
• “Aunt Tiger" Mike Mort /Public Television Service Foundation. (Taiwan) (puppet animation)

• “The New Adventures of Ocean Girl" Animation Works. (drawn animation, some cgi animation)

Notable Cartoons
• "Officer Down" Matt O'Donnell and Dan O'Donnell /Cicada Interactive. (cgi animation)
• “Rejected” Don Hertzfeldt /Bitter.

• “John Henry” Mark Henn /Disney.
• “Avenue Amy” Curious Pictures.
• “Stone Crusher" K. Subra /Toonz Animation. (India)
• “Stubble Trouble" Joseph Merideth /Calabash.
• “Ring of Fire" Andreas Hykade /GAMBIT and Film Bilder. (Germany)
(drawn animation, some cgi animation)
• “Un Matrimonio Bien Avenido" Inma Rodríguez /La Mirada. (Spain) (clay animation)
• “Almas em Chamas" ("Souls 'n Flames") Arnaldo Galvão /Terracota Estúdio Gráfico.
• “The Boy Who Saw the Iceberg" Paul Driessen /NFB. (Canada)
• “Bully Dance" Janet Perlman /NFB. (Canada)
• “Chifre de Camaleão" Marcelo Fabri Marão. (Brazil)
• “Deus é Pai" Allan Sieber. (Brazil)
• “Boat Advice" Jan Otto Ertesvåg /Mikrofilm AS. (Norway)
• “Bzz" Benoît Feroumont /S.O.I.L. (Belgium)
• “Ely and Nepomuk" Rafael Sommerhalder. (Switzerland)
• “Hard Boilded Egg" Alena Vankova. (Czech Republic)
• “Henry's Heroes" Squint Films. (Great Britain)
• “Shangoul and Mangoul" Farkhonde Torabi and Morteza Ahadi. (Iran)
• “Kaminu Búsana" ("Up and Down") Dace Ridúze /Film Studio AB. (Latvia) (puppet animation)
• “Lovebirds" Trylle Vilstrup /Danske Filmskole. (Denmark) (drawn animation, some live action)
• “The Man With the Beautiful Eyes" Jonathan Hodgson /Sherbert. (Great Britain)
• “Strojenie instrumentów" ("Tuning Instruments") Jerzy Kucia /Prodkcja Filmów. (Poland)
• “Two Wasted Wankers and the Sister of Audry" Cristopher Nielsen /Animagicnet AS. (Norway) (cgi animation)
• “En helvedes uge ("A Week in Hell") Ziska Szemes /Danske Filmskole. (Denmark)
• “Pocket Monsters: Pichu to Pikachu ("Pocket Monsters: Pichu and Pikachu") OLM.
• “Crocotires Traction AAA" Tohru Patrick Awa /Polygon Pictures. (cgi animation)

Direct to Video
North America
• “A Pond Full of Pigs” Chris Olsen /Everland Entertainment. (cgi animation) first Threads series
• “Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman” James Becket /Universal Cartoon.
• "An American Tail III: The Treasure of Manhattan Island" Larry Latham /Universal Cartoon.
• "An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster" Larry Latham /Universal Cartoon.
• “Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker” Curt Geda /Warner Bros. Television.
• “Casper's Haunted Christmas” Owen Hurley /Mainframe. (Canada)
• “Franklin and the Green Knight” John Van Bruggen /Nelvana. (Canada)
• “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” Phil Roman /Roman Entertainment.
• "I Think I Like You" Klasky-Csupo.
• “It's the Pied Piper, Charlie Brown” Bill Melendez /Melendez.
• “Joseph: King of Dreams” Rob Ramirez and Bob LaDuca /DreamWorks.
• “Kingdom Under the Sea: Return of the King” Michael Peter Engelbrite /Bridgestone. (cgi animation) first Kingdom Under the Sea series
• “The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire” Charles Grosvenor /Universal Cartoon.
• “The Last Days of Eugene Meltsner” Robert Vernon and Stark Howell (animation director) /Riverstar Entertainment. first Adventures in Odyssey: New Series series (2000 to the present)
• “The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus” Glen Hill /Universal Cartoon.
• “Pride, Prejudice and Fudge” Jeff Parker /Fancy Monkey. first Little Dogs on the Prairie series
• “The Scarecrow” Richard Rich /Rich.
• “Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders” Jim Stenstrum /Hanna-Barbera.
• “Sin: The Motion Picture” Yasunori Urata /ADV Films and Phoenix Entertainment. (United States/Japan)
• “The Tangerine Bear: Home in Time for Christmas” Bert Ring /Hyperion.
• ”Tom Sawyer” Paul Sabella and Phil Mendez /MGM Animation.
• “Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn” Ron Smith /Big Idea. (cgi animation) first 3-2-1 Penguins series (2000 to the present)
• “Tweety's High Flying Adventure” Karl Toerge, Charles Visser, and James T. Walker /Warner Bros. Television.
• “Who Do EWE Follow?” Wet Cement. first EWE Knows series (2000 to the present)

• “Enchantment” Antoni D'Ocon /D'Ocon. (Spain) first Wondrous Myths & Legends series
• “Jack and the Beanstalk” Martin Gates /Martin Gates Productions. (Great Britain)
• “Vera the Mouse: Mr. Mole's Surprise” Adam van Wyk.

• “An Extremely Goofy Movie” Douglas McCarthy /Disney Australia.
• “Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea" Jim Hammerud /Disney Australia and Disney Canada. (Australia/Canada)

• “69 Pink Riders" Kim Il-Bae. (South Korea)
• “AI vs. Recipuro” Jun Kawagoe. first eX-Driver series (2000-2001)
• “Amon Devilman Mokushiroku” ("Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman") Kenichi Takashia /SPE Visual Works.
• “Angelique: Shiroi Tsubasa no Memoir” ("Angelique: White Wing Memoirs") Akira Kiyomizu /Yumeta. series 2000
• “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins” Tad Stones /Disney Japan.
• “Denshin Mamotte Shugo Getten!” ("The Telling Heart, Guardian Angel Moon"), Toei.
• “FLCL” ("Furi Kuri", "Fooly Cooly"), Kazuya Tsurumaki /Gainax.
• “Hono no Labyrinth" series (2000)
• “Jo-Jo no Kimyô na Boken: Adventure 1” ("Jo-Jo's Bizarre Adventures: Adventure 1") Hiroyuki Kitakubo /A.P.P.P.
• “Nien Resurrection" Ong Eng Hua and Kelvin Ong /Young Jump Animation. (Malaysia) (cgi animation)
• “Refrain Blue” series 2000
• “Reino Tantei Miko 1” ("Psychic Detective Miko") Kazuhiro Furuhashi /Deen.
• “Shukumei: Dai 1 gakusho” Kazuyoshi Yokota /Vega Entertainment. first Maetel Legend series.
• “Soseiki ki Devadasy” ("Genesis Devadasy"), Nobuhiro Kondo /AIC.
• “Space Travelers: The Animation” Takashi Ui.
• “Tare Panda” ("Lazy Panda") Takashi Yui.
• “Tenshi Kinryoku” ("Angel Sanctuary") Sayama Seiko.
• “Verbrechen" first Weiss Kreuz series
• “White Illusion"
• “With You”
• “Yuusha Ou Shinsei" ("The Rebirth of the Brave King") Sunrise. (drawn animation, cgi animation) first Yuusha Ou Gaogaigar Final ("Brave King Gaogaigar Final") series

Internet Cartoons
• “Elmo Aardvark, Outer Space Detective” Darrel Van Clitters /Renegade Animation
.• “Queer Duck” Mike Reiss /Mishmash Media. (cgi animation)

Academy Award • “For the Birds” Ralph Eggleston /Pixar. (cgi animation)
• “Father and Daughter" Michael Dudok de Wit /Dudok de Wit Animation. (Great Britain) Annecy Festival Grand Prize

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