History of Animation Project

For this course you will need to pick a specific point in animation history that you feel was significant to the overall development of animation as an art. This can be a specific cartoon, director, animator, character designer, storyboard artist, layout artist, etc.

Once you have chosen the focal point you need to come up with a visual that will best represent this point in history.

You can source this image by using the internet, a book, a DVD or video tape.

You then need to replicate this image by drawing it yourself and present it in it's original format. If it is an image from an animated cartoon, you will need to reproduce the animation cel on acetate with the proper paint applied to the reverse side. You may, if you wish add a background, either painted by yourself or a good quality photocopy, or you can mount it on an appropriate color card.

You may also do the animation drawing in pencil. Take care to properly research the image to be sure that your reproduction is as accurate to what would have been originally used. If the image is drawn at 16 field, then yours should be as well.

You can do a character model sheet, storyboard sheet, layout, etc.

Your final artwork should be mounted with a matte and framed appropriately behind glass.

You will also need to write a brief (no less that 500 words) essay that clearly describes why you feel this artwork and moment in animation history is so significant.

You must let Brian know what you are planning on doing by week 10 at the latest.

Present your artwork, unframed by week 12 for final approval.

This is worth 60% of your semester grade. 40% will be attendance to the weekly class.

Attendance sheet must be signed. Failure to sign attendance sheet will receive a 0%... no exceptions! Students who are late will lose a portion of their grade. If you sign in and then leave the class, you will not be counted as having attended and will receive a 0% grade for that specific class.

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