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Volume , January 1891.

Edison & Dickson
The 'Kinetoscope'

Thomas Edison and William Dickson have their Kinetograph camera and Kinetoscope viewing box, a forerunner of the movie projector, ready for patenting and demonstration. Using Eastman film cut into inch wide strips, Dickson punched four holes in either side of each frame allowing toothed gears to pull the film through the camera.

Viewers watch through a small peephole as images pass between a lens and an electric light bulb at a rate of 46 frames per second. While the kinetoscope would lead directly to the development of moving pictures and the kingdom of Hollywood, Edison considered the kinetoscope as no more than a toy.

Lou Fleischer, brother of Max and Dave. Dies in 1985.
Edison's Kinetoscope Parlour in San Francisco (1894)
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